The Robot

In our design we were able to accomplish a small sized, fast, precise in motion and smart in fire detection Autonomous Firefighting Robot. A speed of over 2 m/s was achieved by having a compact and lightweight robot, which gave us the advantage of being able to cover the longest distance of course in very short time. The use of the LIDAR LITE v3 eliminated the need for dead reckoning by allowing the robot to measure the full length of the course. Obstacle avoidance was secured with a configuration of an array of Infrared and Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors. All environmental data was handle by 16-bit and 32-bit Microchip PICs. To ensure fast communication, data reliability and readability, an SPI protocol was implemented, in which a Raspberry Pi is the Master and all PICs are Slave devices. For competitive and fast image processing, an additional IR rejecting filter was added to the NoIR camera.

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